Note for clients:

Thanks for using my service! Please note that I follow a policy of working to commissions at agreed rates. The process is simple. I will pitch ideas to editors, or receive story ideas from them, which, when accepted, are treated as commissions. I will produce great quality work according to an agreed framework and deliver on time. That’s where you take over. Please ensure you check email and confirm receipt of the work. If you have any queries or concerns about the copy, let me know soonest and I will quickly take in changes or additions at no extra charge. Please ensure your editing desk can manage copy flows and stories are not being lost, because when work is commissioned and delivered, I will seek payment. If you need images or video, I can help there too! Additional charges apply. Unfortunately, in the past, I’ve resorted to mediation for non-paying clients. It’s not much fun! Work and payments are a bugbear in our trade, so please let’s keep things fair, above board and based on the principal that freelancers deserve to be paid for the work they do. Thanks for being reasonable!! JR


Versatile, multimedia journalist and presenter for impactful digital, TV & radio projects.

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