An award-winning, versatile journalist who has reported from across North America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and his native Britain for more than a decade. Strong editorial judgment and leadership skills with the ability to grasp and distill complex issues with ease and lead digital and broadcast coverage. A multimedia one-man-band who can write news, features, and analysis, shoot and edit video, and produce radio and podcasts. Accomplished television reporter and presenter. Excels in high-intensity, deadline-news environments. Vast network of contacts among diplomats, politicians, media, economists, and activists. Comfortable working in war zones and the White House. Versed in covering the UN, courts, Davos, and Congress. Packs complete media kit into a flight bag. Certified in battlefield medicine. 

Clients include Al Jazeera, BBC, Foreign Policy, Esquire, Fox News, France 24, CBC, Deutsche Welle, PRI’s The World, CBS News, dpa, RTÉ, The Times, The Lancet, The National, Monocle, and APTN. Has reported on everything from Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry to Somalia’s mental health crisis, weaving together potent human interest stories with trenchant analysis. Received global media awards for reporting on immigration during the 2016 US election, the Westgate terror siege, human rights abuses in Iran, the endgame to Sri Lanka’s civil war, and the slow recovery from Haiti’s earthquake. Speaks English and Spanish, holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Sussex University and a postgraduate diploma in journalism.